Nehemiah on Project Management

Different bits of the Bible get different profile within church, let alone in the public consciousness, so I reckon Nehemiah could be an unknown quantity to most people but its 13 chapters are really worth exploring. It provided the backdrop for a powerful and relevant series at Conversations last year.

This morning I saw Emma Langman tweeting the talk that was being given at from a Business Breakfast in Bristol about the example modelled by Nehemiah from a project management point of view. I really liked that angle so captured it using Storify.

Credit to Aidan for the talk and Emma for posting it. Today I’m just nicking other people’s content 🙂

Nehemiah on Project Management

Spotted Emma Langman tweeting a talk given by someone called Aidan at a Business Breakfast in Bristol, thought they were worth capturing.

Storified by Benjamin Welby · Fri, May 18 2012 05:10:47

I am at #BusinessBreakfast in #Bristol by #Christchurch. Topic is "Nehemiah the Project Manager: Fulfilling God’s Purposes at Work" #cbbbEmma Langman
The speaker, Aidan is talking about his experience of living his faith while at work; including going through #redundancy.Emma Langman
Like Nehemiah, Aidan enjoys building stone walls (in latter’s case, in the #Mendips). He’s talking abt modelling Nehemiah’s #PM skills #cbbbEmma Langman
#projectmanagement includes: Concept, Initiation, Delivery and Close-out… Which is what Nehemiah did #cbbbEmma Langman
Nehemiah was the Cup-Bearer for the King (which was a high status job, altho’ was still a captive). Fantastic #riskmanagement when he (1/2)Emma Langman
…Approaches the King of #Babylon for the resources he needs. Great example of #ResourceManagement! 🙂 #cbbbEmma Langman
Nehemiah did 3 days’ scoping out of the walls at night, to be inconspicuous, before engaging people in the project. Good plan! #cbbbEmma Langman
Nehemiah collected together all the materials and resources, and engaged people in a clear vision and purpose of the project #cbbb #PMEmma Langman
Nehemiah was also hot on #benefitsrealisation. His attention to detail makes Prince2 look a bit fluffy 😉 #cbbbEmma Langman
Nehemiah beautifully manages the negative stakeholders (neighbouring governors) who tried to derail the project with slander etc #cbbbEmma Langman

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  • Matt

    The trouble with storify and twitter content like this is the resultant sea of hash tags and @someone it’s almost unreadable, particularly in my rss reader

    • bmwelby

      Storify to RSS does seem to be a problem, I’ll have to investigate a solution for that.
      I’m not sure the sea of hashtags is a problem? You’re not having to hunt down and engage with everyone every time someone uses them. Sea is quite a good way of describing them given how vast they are but how focused your interest is.

  • There are so many terms used in project management that i becomes hard to know everything, Nehemiah is something which most of them them don’t know about and this article is certainly doing the right thing.