‘What would Jesus want US to do?’ – Mel Griggs

‘Most governments try to make a difference to the course of history, but only a very few succeed. The fate of most is to make big claims…[but]…to leave office having tinkered piecemeal’ Anthony Seldon of Policy Exchange.

If Big Society is the solution great but I don’t understand what that means. I believe that it’s Small Communities.

Bill Hybels said ‘imagine what would happen if people in our world – by the masses – took up serving towels… And willingly (even joyfully) served people in their everyday lives. We could change the world’

An audit:
Do I vote in local/general elections?
If not, you’re not participating and that’s an issue.

Do I know who my MP/city councillor is?

Have I ever participated in an online petition?

Have I ever attended a ward meeting?

Should I stand for local elections? Or as a school governor? Or a PCC member? Or do I leave it to others?

We have to look at ourselves and ask how we engage with the world around us.

Am I consuming more than our share?

Do I seek status by acquiring the latest must have items?

How good am I at looking after, and accounting for, what I have?

Do I really know where my money is going or have I got a hole in my pocket?

Am I really aware of who needs help and support? It’s difficult for us to tell superficially because people are striving to keep a front and that’s where doorstep lending plays a serious role but it’s unsustainable and dangerous. It’s hard to say anything but ‘I’m really good’ when someone asks you how you are. Do you tell the truth when you’re asked that question?

Could I become an advocate for elderly people or those in debt or otherwise disadvantaged?

If you’re in debt the question is, ‘when will you be debt free?’ If you don’t know then you’re not in control.

Do I know where to get help for someone in debt.

That’s our personal audit and can we look see if we can be part of the solution. There are 168 hours in the week, can I spare some time to undertake voluntary work?

It doesn’t take much to be a friend and to walk alongside someone. You can see difficult things, it can be harrowing but just by being there you can provide an incredible boost to people.

We can only change things by being involved. If Christians are responding to the world we need to be visibly engaged in areas of need. If we set the example then people ask why and we say it’s because of our faith.

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Hi, I'm Benjamin Welby. I'm a displaced northerner currently living in Croydon, I church with a group of Christians who meet in a Soho nightclub on Wednesdays and I support Bradford City. I've an academic background in History, Politics and International Development. I work for the Government Digital Service but I left my heart in local government. This blog is infrequently updated and may feature any, all or none of these things...